I was approached by coolenator to test some of their products. They sent me their full range of drink coolers which all looked very good.

I tested by bringing some of the smaller ones with me fishing to see if they were adequate to keep my drinks cool all day. They say that the coolenators will keep a drink cold for six hours. All my tests showed this to be easily achievable with some staying cold for up to 10. I was informed to keep the coolenator in a freezer for eight hours to achieve the longest cool time. I’m unsure of the internal design but I imagine it is an ice block which touches the aluminium sleeve which is then wrapped in a high density styrofoam type insulation with a shrink wrap cover where the name is displayed. I had issues with this when it arrived as the bottom is not covered, due to the inability to cover in the manufacturing process but this was clarified when I questioned it. The cheapest of the coolenators is valued at €12.90 and the most expensive is €16.90

I’ve brought the coolenator on a few fishing trips. They are not small. Even the smallest one for tumblers is still quite big. This is an issue when your trying to pack as small as possible. If you had a boat or fish a lot near your car then this could be a very handy product. The wine cooler size works very well to keep wine cool at the dinner table.

The coolenators seem really high quality. The aluminum internal sleeve is well made and does not fall out, even with my pulling on it to check. They don’t feel cheap and keep drops of condensation contained so you don’t have to worry about putting down coasters if using them at home.

If you are looking for a system to keep your drinks cool all day, a gift for someone who likes to be on a boat all day or just something for the dinner table then these could be perfect for you. If on the other   hand you need to travel light and are caught for space then best to leave these at home.

You can find these at

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