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2 Hook Flapper

The 2 Hook flapper is the most popular flapper rig choice. This rig can be created with as many hooks as you would like but most will either be 2 or 3 hooks. In this guide I will show you how to create the 2 hook flapper but the same principle applies to the 3 hook flapper. This rig is pretty much universal and can be used in a variety of situations.

When you are making this rig, adjust the length of all the hook snoods and main line according to your fishing location. Generally the cleaner the ground and the less tidal flow the longer your trace can go and when its rough ground bring the lengths in shorter.

For a general rule of thumb the main body of the rig is generally about 4 foot with the hook lengths being about 1.5 – 2ft. Try to make them equal distance from each other and try to make the top hook snood long enough but not too long so that it doesn’t overlap with the second hook snood.

Pulley Rig

The Pulley rig is another very popular rig. It allows the fish to take the bait with less resistance than a static rig which can help on hook ups.  This rig also prevents injury to the fish as long as the fish is of a greater weight than the lead. When reeling in the fish the lead is pulled up to the top of the trace preventing the grip lead wires from stabbing the fish. Because the lead is up at the top of the trace this prevents it from becoming stuck in rocks and other snags when reeling in.

    The length of the main body of the pulley rig can be anything from 2ft to 6ft depending upon the length of the hook snood required. You must have a impact lead which has a bait clip or a bait clip lead link to get the aerodynamics of this rig for distance casting.

My personal requirements for this rig is to try to anticipate the water your going to be fishing into. If its going to be rough and a lot of movement then a shorter hook length is necessary. If the water is going to be calm with little movement then go for longer hook lengths.

Up and Over

This is my favourite rig for fishing anywhere with a bit of current . It allows the bait to sit on the bottom and further away from the lead. I find  this rig allows the fish to take the bait and have more time to get hooked as they cannot feel any resistance from the led. This rig is very effective for targeting sea trout, bass and ray. Using the trace with a pennel hook setup allows for perfect presentation of sandeel and mackerel strips . The trace is also very streamlined for distance casting which is great when the fish are at distance.