Times are Tough

With the weather being as unsettled as it is and the fishing not being as good as one would hope, I'm still stupid enough to get out and try spots. Lately I have fished Ballyheigue, a mark on the Shannon and a mark in west Cork that I believe has great potential.The mark I fish … Continue reading Times are Tough

The Hunt Begins

New Year, new species hunt. These are the one competitions that I find the most fun. Everything from sand gobies to Porbeagles and everything in between. It really tests an anglers ability to adapt and change to every situation. It really shows who the skilled anglers are.The first fishing session of the New Year found … Continue reading The Hunt Begins

The Struggle

    Well over the last couple of weeks I have been braving the elements trying to get some decent fish. My targets were Painted Ray and Cod. All I’ve had on my mind is Ray and Cod. I’m at the point where work colleagues even know what I’m trying to catch, I had the UPS … Continue reading The Struggle

Fishing The Kingdom

Myself and a few of the lads decided to head down to Kerry for a few days fishing. Luckily enough the Mackerel where in plague proportion at the Prom in Galway so we had plenty of fresh bait but also brought some packs of frozen eels just to be sure. As I always do when … Continue reading Fishing The Kingdom