Fishing Vega Island Part 2

The adventure continues...... The Following day we make phone calls to Widero for updates to bags, no sign of them. So we tried to find a few marks and try fishing the pier behind the house. We were told of some great Dab fishing and the chance of a Halibut. This mark became our local … Continue reading Fishing Vega Island Part 2

Fishing Vega Island Part 1

Well after an eventful 7 days in Vega I can only say that I have been won over. What a place. Even with all the luggage troubles we had, it really was amazing.We all arrived in Dublin airport at for the first of our 3 flights to final destination in Bronnoysund. When checking into Dublin … Continue reading Fishing Vega Island Part 1

Spotting the Spotted ones

So the plan was set, the times where decided and the tides looked perfect. Only issue, the weather. The west coast of Ireland is renowned for never having unpredictable weather. We watched the weather and called it. Its time for Donegal. I drove 3 hours to Galway to meet with one of the lads and … Continue reading Spotting the Spotted ones

Thorns and Undulations

Tralee bay is a renowned spot for targeting multiple species of Ray. Stingers, Painted, Undulates and Thornies are all taken from the shore on a regular basis and some anglers trying to get all 4 species in 24 hours, now that would be an achievement. With the water temperatures down and not many reports of … Continue reading Thorns and Undulations

Hunting Huss

Well after a few weeks of getting very little for our efforts we turned our attention to Huss. Heading out west to try some marks that have produced for us before we were very hopeful. Arriving at the mark just before dark we set up and casted  pennel pulley rigs to the horizon baited with … Continue reading Hunting Huss